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Welcome to the NOAA Aquaculture Library where we provide information on U.S. aquaculture including links to NOAA documents, scientific publications, conference proceedings, and more. This page also features links to our newsletter and to the Director's Corner, a column written by Aquaculture Office Director Dr. Michael Rubino.

NOAA Aquaculture Program Newsletter 

Constituent outreach is an important aspect of aquaculture education.  The Office of Aquaculture produces a semi-monthly newsletter that features NOAA news, upcoming events, and available funding opportunities.  For earlier editions, view the newsletter archives.

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Director's Corner 

As part of the NOAA Aquaculture Program newsletter, Dr. Michael Rubino shares his thoughts on recent events and other notable aquaculture happenings.  The most recent 'Director's Corner' is below.  For earlier entries, view the newsletter archives.

Key Aquaculture Documents 

Further Reading / References 

Advances in aquaculture science, technology, and management practices have grown as quickly as aquaculture's role in global seafood supply.  Many of aquaculture's historic limitations -- like questions about feeds, diseases, and escapes -- have been addressed (in part) through NOAA's commitment to investing in innovation.

If there is a reference of which you are aware, one you are looking for, or you have any questions, please contact us.