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Fisheries in a Changing Climate

Climate change is already having a big effect on our fisheries. In this podcast, Roger Griffis, climate change coordinator for NOAA Fisheries, discusses the challenges and the opportunities ahead.

By Rich Press, NOAA Fisheries Science Writer | Posted: August 25, 2015
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If you go fishing, or if you’re concerned about the sustainability of our fisheries, or even if you just enjoy a good plate of seafood every now and again, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Climate change may seem far off in the future to some people, but to people who work in fisheries, it’s here and it’s already having a big effect.

To talk with us a bit about how climate change is affecting fisheries, and about what NOAA Fisheries is doing to help keep our fisheries sustainable even as the climate changes, we’ve got Roger Griffis on the line today. As climate change coordinator for NOAA Fisheries, Griffis helps lead the agency’s efforts to understand, prepare for, and respond to the impacts of climate change.

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