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Sustainable Fisheries Feature Stories

  • Saltwater Rec Fisheries Initiative Update

    Saltwater Rec Fisheries Initiative Update

    July 11: NOAA Fisheries' National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Initiative continues to advance commitment of establishing and maintaining a strong partnership with the recreational fishing community through action.

  • 2017 Council Appointments

    2017 Council Appointments

    June 28: The Department of Commerce announced today the appointment of members to the eight regional fishery management councils that partner with NOAA Fisheries to manage ocean fish stocks.

  • New Shark Video

    New Shark Video This is the Exit Disclaimer icon

    June 22: NOAA Fisheries releases video on handling and release of prohibited sharks.

  • Two West Coast Stocks Rebuilt

    Two West Coast Stocks Rebuilt

    June 22: NOAA Fisheries declares bocaccio & darkblotched rockfish rebuilt ahead of schedule.

  • Status of Stocks 2016

    Status of Stocks 2016

    May 9: U.S. fisheries continue to rebuild and overfishing and overfished numbers remain near all-time lows. More from Status of U.S. Stocks 2016.

  • Reporting Bycatch

    Reporting Bycatch

    Jan 18: NOAA Fisheries has filed a final rule to implement standardized reporting methodology to assess the amount and type of bycatch occurring in a fishery.

  • Funding Available for Bycatch Solutions

    Funding Available for Bycatch Solutions

    Jan 5: Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program announces funding opportunity.

  • National Bycatch Reduction Strategy

    National Bycatch Reduction Strategy

    Dec. 20: NOAA Fisheries announces new national strategy for bycatch reduction.

  • National Standard 1 Revisions

    National Standard 1 Revisions

    Oct. 13: NOAA Fisheries enhances utility and effectiveness of NS1 guidelines through newly released revisions.

  • Celebrating 40 Rebuilt Stocks

    Celebrating 40 Rebuilt Stocks

    Oct. 12: Barndoor skates are the 40th rebuilt stock in U.S. fisheries under the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

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