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Sustainable Sport Fishing for Thresher Sharks

April 9, 2012 - This month, as we focus on recreational fishing, we feature a closer look at cooperative research among NOAA scientists and recreational fishermen to find out more about the catch and release of thresher sharks off the coast of Southern California. The waters off Southern California are well-known hot spots for the common thresher shark, a recreational fishing favorite that can weigh more than 500 pounds with a uniquely long whip-like tail. 

Catching thresher sharks is on the rise, and fisheries experts are researching how to keep the fishery sustainable. Improving gear and encouraging the use of circle hooks is just the beginning of long term conservation efforts. Learn more about the goal of this research project—to have a sustainable commercial and recreational fishery for thresher sharks—and how both scientists and fishermen are working towards this goal.


Find out more about the cooperative research project on our website, or read more about thresher sharks here.