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  • NOAA Lists 20 New Corals Under ESA

    Aug 25: NOAA Lists 20 New Corals as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act.

  • Special Report: Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Jun 25: Today, NOAA Fisheries released a report highlighting the accomplishments of 10 years of dedicated research and conservation of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population.

  • Underwater Robots Search for Sea Turtles

    Jun 19: Scientists test out a new tool for keeping track of endangered populations of sea turtles: submersible robots with side-scan sonar.

  • For Rescued Sea Turtle Eggs, A Chance at Survival

    Jun 18: NOAA Fisheries veterinarian, Brian Stacy, describes a very unusual attempt to rescue the eggs of a sea turtle that was hit and killed by a boat.

  • Celebrate Sea Turtle Week 2014

    Jun 16: Celebrate Sea Turtle Week 2014 with us and learn more about the six sea turtle species found in U.S. waters.

  • Protecting the Smalltooth Sawfish

    May 16: In this video, learn about the science behind protecting smalltooth sawfish and see NOAA Fisheries research in action.

  • What Do You Want to Know about Atlantic Sturgeon?

    May 12: What do you want to know about Atlantic sturgeon? Ask a NOAA scientist during a chat on Twitter this week, Thursday, May 15 at 2-3 p.m. EST.

  • Killer in Distress

    Dec 26: Scientists are working to understand why the population of Southern Resident killer whales isn’t rebounding, and what we can do to help them recover.

  • Teacher at Sea Learns the Right Kind of Lessons

    Dec 13: Teacher at Sea Angela Greene joined NOAA scientists for a survey to study one of the nation's most critically endangered species: the North Atlantic right whale. Find out what she learned.

  • Right Whales: Steady as We Go

    Dec 6: One of the principal threats to right whale recovery is collisions with ships. Because of this threat, NOAA Fisheries is renewing a rule meant to reduce the threat of vessel collisions with right whales.

  • A Changing Climate for Endangered Species

    Dec 4: Scientists are working to ensure that the Endangered Species Act remains effective in the face of a changing climate. A special section in the latest issue of Conservation Biology highlights their progress.

  • A Whale of a Thanksgiving Day Feast

    Nov 26: Most of us are celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner, but the Inupiat people on Alaska's north slope will be giving thanks over an animal that is a bit bigger than your average holiday bird.

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