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  • Working Toward Sustainable Trade

    Jan 27: Latin American and Caribbean nations gathered last month in Brazil to participate in a regional workshop focused on implementing new international shark conservation measures.

  • 2013 ICCAT Meeting Concludes

    Nov 26: The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) concluded its annual meeting after adopting several new measures that will support the sustainable management of key species.

  • Hooked on Sharks

    Aug 10: Can a special type of hook called a circle hook help vulnerable shark populations to recover? Scientists and fishermen team up to find out.

  • Scientists, Fishermen Unite to Record Shark Data

    Aug 9: NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center began collecting data from shark recreational tournaments in 1961. Since then, this has helped scientists work with local fisherman to combine recreational fishing with important shark research.

  • Shattering Shark Myths

    Aug 8: Can you tell shark myth from fact? Better check this list out.

  • Missed the #SharkWeekChat? Read Our Recap

    Aug 9: Did you miss the #SharkWeekChat with our 2 shark experts? Get caught up.

  • Spiny Dogfish, Skates, Smalltooth Sawfish—Oh My!

    Aug 7: Sharks are widely recognized members of the group of fish called elasmobranchs, including other fauna swimming off the shores of the U.S. like dogfish, skates, rays, and sawfish. Credit: R. Dean Grubbs/Florida State University

  • Shark Fishing—Healthy Catch & Release

    Aug 12: Many recreational anglers and tournaments are moving toward the practice of catch and release. Learn about best fishing practices and tackle that help to improve survival rates and the healthy release of sharks back into our oceans.

  • The Science Behind: A Shortfin Mako's Last Meal

    Aug 6: Peer into a shark's stomach along with a NOAA Fisheries scientist and see what was on the menu for its last meal.

  • The Science Behind: Ageing a Shark

    Aug 6: What does ageing the backbone of a shark entail? Catch NOAA Fisheries shark scientist Lisa Natanson in action.

  • 50 Years of Shark Research...and Counting

    Aug 6: The Apex Predators turns 50 this year. Coastal surveys and cooperative tagging programs by federal fisheries scientists have contributed significantly to current knowledge of many shark species.

  • U.S. Leads the Way in Shark Conservation

    Aug 3: A closer look at NOAA's role in shark conservation, management, and policy.