2019 Temporary Area Closure of the Southern Exclusion Zone


Leaping false killer whale
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Temporary Rule
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NOAA Fisheries announces the publication of a temporary rule to close the Southern Exclusion Zone (SEZ) to Hawai'i-based deep-set (tuna) longline fishing.

NOAA Fisheries is closing the SEZ to deep-set longline fishing for all vessels registered under the Hawai'i longline limited access program, as a result of the fishery reaching the established annual trigger of two observed false killer whale mortalities or serious injuries in the fishery within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around Hawai'i. This action is necessary to comply with False Killer Whale Take Reduction Plan (Plan) regulations that establish the SEZ closure trigger and procedures to limit M&SI of false killer whales in the Hawai'i deep-set longline fishery.

For more information, please read the Southern Exclusion Zone 2019 Closure Frequently Asked Questions.


Last updated by Pacific Islands Regional Office on 02/26/2019

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