Atlantic Highly Migratory Species: Safe Handling, Release, and Identification Workshops

Workshops for shark and swordfish limited access permit holders and applicants scheduled for October, November, and December of 2018.

Shark and swordfish limited access permit holders and applicants for permit transfers who fish with longline or gillnet gear, must submit a copy of their Safe Handling, Release, and Identification Workshop certificate in order to renew or transfer either a shark limited access and/or a swordfish limited access permit (71 FR 58057; October 2, 2006). Vessel operators are required to possess on board the vessel valid workshop certificates for both the vessel owner and operator at all times.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Workshop certificates that were initially issued in 2015 will be expiring in 2018. Vessel owners whose certificates are expiring must attend a workshop and obtain a new certificate prior to permit renewal. Vessel operators must possess valid workshop certificates on board for both the vessel owner and operator. 

Who Must Attend?

Vessel owners and operators using longline or gillnet gear and holding, or applying for, one or more of the following permits:

  • Shark Directed Limited Access Permit;
  • Shark Incidental Limited Access Permit;
  • Swordfish Directed Limited Access Permit; and/or
  • Swordfish Incidental Limited Access Permit

Purpose of Workshops:

  • To educate longline and gillnet fishermen on the required techniques for safe handling and release of entangled and/or hooked protected species, such as sea turtles, marine mammals, Atlantic sturgeon, and smalltooth sawfish, and prohibited sharks.
  • To improve identification and reporting of protected species and prohibited sharks.
  • To gain a better understanding of the requirements for participating in these fisheries.
  • To provide participants with the skills needed to reduce the mortality of protected species and prohibited sharks, including new fleet communication and relocation protocols.



All workshops will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Date Location

Holiday Inn
151 Route 72
Manahawkin, NJ 08050

10/4/18 Holiday Inn Express
Seminole Blvd.
Largo, FL
11/13/18 Holiday Inn
10120 South U.S. Highway 1
Port St. Lucie, FL

Hilton Hotel
901 Airline Drive
Kenner, LA


Hilton Garden Inn
5353 North Virginia Dare Trail
Kitty Hawk, NC

12/13/18 Mariott Courtyard
5000 Express Drive South
Ronkonkoma, NY


What to Bring?

To ensure that the workshop certificate is linked to the correct permit, please bring the following items to the workshop:

Individual Vessel Owner: 

•    Proof of identification,

•    A copy of the applicable permit(s), and

•    A copy of the vessel registration or documentation. 

Representative of a Business or Co-Owned Vessel:

•    Proof that the individual is an agent (partial owner) of the business,

•    A copy of the applicable permit(s), and

•    Proof of identification.

Vessel Operator: 

•    Proof of identification.

For More Information:

To pre-register for a scheduled workshop, please contact Angler Conservation Education at (386) 682-0158. Pre-registration is highly recommended but is not required. For more information regarding workshop requirements please visit our Safe Handling, Release, and Identification Workshop page or contact Rick Pearson at (727) 824-5399.