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IB 20-02: NOAA Fisheries Prohibits Directed Fishing for Pacific Cod in the Gulf of Alaska

December 17, 2019 - 9:30 AM

Notice of fishery management action regarding Pacific cod closure in the Gulf of Alaska.

NOAA Fisheries is prohibiting directed fishing for Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA), effective 0001 hours, Alaska local time (A.l.t.), January 1, 2020, through 2400 hours, A.l.t., December 31, 2020, according to James W. Balsiger, Administrator, Alaska Region, NOAA Fisheries.

This action is necessary because a biological assessment of stock condition for Pacific cod in the GOA projects that the spawning biomass will be below 20 percent of the projected unfished spawning biomass during 2020 and is issued pursuant to 50 CFR 679.20(d)(4).

While this closure is effective the maximum retainable amounts at 50 CFR 679.20(e) and (f) apply at any time during a trip.

This information bulletin only provides notice of a fishery management action. For the purposes of complying with any requirements of this action, you are advised to see the actual text of the action in the Federal Register.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on June 11, 2020