NMFS Adjusts 2001 Seasonal Apportionments of Pacific Halibut Bycatch Limits for Trawl and Hook-and-Line Gear in the GOA

March 23, 2001 - 4:00 p.m.

Notice of a fishery management action.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is adjusting the 2001 seasonal apportionments of Pacific halibut bycatch limits specified for the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) trawl and hook-and-line fisheries. This action is effective 12 noon, Alaska local time, March 23, 2001, according to James W. Balsiger Administrator, Alaska Region, NMFS.

This action is necessary to respond to the seasonal allocation of GOA Pacific cod total allowable catch implemented as part of the emergency interim rule establishing 2001 Steller sea lion protection measures. These modifications to the 2001 harvest specifications were recommended by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council during its emergency January 12, 2001, meeting for trawl gear and February 7, 2001, meeting for hook-and-line gear.

NMFS is amending Tables 24 and 25 of the Emergency Interim Rule for Steller Sea Lion Protection Measures for the Groundfish Fisheries Off Alaska; Final 2001 Harvest Specifications and Associated Management Measures for the Groundfish Fisheries Off Alaska to read as follows:

Table 24 - Final 2001 Pacific halibut PSC limits, allowances, and apportionments. The Pacific halibut PSC limit for hook-and-line gear is allocated to the demersal shelf rockfish (DSR) fishery and fisheries other than DSR. The hook-and-line sablefish fishery is exempt from halibut PSC limits. (Values are im mt)

Trawl gear
Jan 1-Apr 1550 ( 28%)
Apr 1-Jun 10400 ( 20%)
Jun 10-Jul 1150 ( 7%)
Jul 1-Oct 1600 ( 30%)
Oct 1-Dec 31300 ( 15%)
Total:2,000 (100%)
Hook-and-line gear
Other than DSRDSR
Jan 1-May 17205 (70%)Jan 1-Dec 3110 (100%)
May 17-Jun 10any rollover  
Aug 31-Dec 3185 (30%)  
Total290 (100%)Total10

Table 25 - Final 2001 apportionment of Pacific halibut PSC trawl limits between the trawl gear deep-water species complex and the shallow-water species complex. (Values are in metric tons)

Jan. 20-Apr. 1450100550
Apr. 1-Jun. 10100300400
Jun. 10-Jul. 11500150
Jul. 1-Oct. 1200400600
Jan. 20-Sep. 309008001,700
Oct. 1-Dec. 31------300

No apportionment between shallow-water and deep-water fishery complexes during the 4th quarter

This information bulletin only provides notice of a regulatory change. For the purposes of complying with the regulatory change, you are advised to see the actual text of the regulation in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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