NMFS and USCG Reminds Vessel Owners and Operators of U.S./Russian Maritime Boundary Coordinates

August 10, 2007 - 2:45 p.m.

Notice of a fishery management action.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) are aware that there is increased fishing activity in the vicinity of the U.S./Russian Maritime Boundary Line (MBL) just northeast of the 100 fathoms curve. NMFS and the USCG remind owners and operators to ensure your navigation systems contain the accurate MBL coordinates. The following coordinates are that part of the MBL northeast of the 100 fathoms curve, and are delineated by straight lines connecting the following coordinates:

63-16'50"N, 173-50'42"W
63-08'11"N, 174-08'52"W
62-59'29"N, 174-26'58"W
62-50'44"N, 174-44'59"W
62-41'56"N, 175-02'56"W
62-33'06"N, 175-20'48"W
62-24'13"N, 175-38'36"W
62-15'17"N, 175-56'19"W
62-06'19"N, 176-13'59"W
61-57'18"N, 176-31'34"W
61-48'14"N, 176-49'04"W
61-39'08"N, 177-06'31"W
61-29'59"N, 177-23'53"W
61-20'47"N, 177-41'11"W
61-11'33"N, 177-58'26"W
61-02'17"N, 178-15'36"W
60-52'57"N, 178-32'42"W
60-43'35"N, 178-49'45"W
60-34'11"N, 179-06'44"W
60-24'44"N, 179-23'38"W
60-15'14"N, 179-40'30"W
60-11'39"N, 179-46'49"W

(The coordinates of the MBL are delimited in the maritime boundary treaty signed with the former Soviet Union (now applicable to Russia) June 1, 1990, Senate Treaty Doc. 102-22, and applied provisionally pending the exchange of instruments of ratification, by an exchange of notes effective June 15, 1990.)

This information bulletin only provides a reminder of an existing regulatory provision. For the purposes of complying with federal regulations, you are advised to see the actual text of the federal register (60 FR 43825, August 23, 1995).

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