NMFS Prohibits Directed Fishing for Arrowtooth Flounder, Flathead Sole, Rex Sole, Deep-water Flatfish, and Shallow-water Flatfish in the Western Regulatory Area of the Gulf of Alaska

July 09, 2012 - 5:00 p.m.

Notice of a fishery management action.

Sustainable Fisheries

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is prohibiting directed fishing for arrowtooth flounder, flathead sole, rex sole, deep-water flatfish, and shallow-water flatfish in the Western Regulatory Area of the Gulf of Alaska (GOA), effective at 12 noon, Alaska local time, July 10, 2012.

This action is necessary to limit incidental catch of Pacific ocean perch and is issued pursuant to 50 CFR 679.20(d)(3). 

“Deep-water flatfish means” Dover sole, Greenland turbot, Kamchatka flounder, and deepsea sole. “Shallow-water flatfish” means flatfish not including “deep-water flatfish,” flathead sole, rex sole, or arrowtooth flounder. 

This information bulletin only provides notice of a regulatory change. For the purposes of complying with the regulatory change, you are advised to see the actual text in the Code of Federal Regulations. 

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on February 11, 2019