NOAA Vessel Miller Freeman to Conduct Acoustic-Trawl Surveys in the GOA and BSA

January 10, 2002 - 11:30 a.m.

Notice of a fishery management action.

NMFS scientists aboard the NOAA research vessel MILLER FREEMAN will be conducting several acoustic-trawl surveys in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska during February and March, 2002 (see attached Figure <bad link>). The specific areas of operation will be the Shumagin Islands, the Shelikof Strait area, and the eastside of Kodiak Island in the GOA, and the southeast Bering Sea shelf and Bogoslof Island area in the Bering Sea. These survey efforts are needed to determine distribution and abundance of walleye pollock.

Scientists conducting the research request the cooperation of fishing vessel operators in these areas to allow the MILLER FREEMAN clear passage while conducting the survey operations. This would include occasionally forming corridors along survey track lines, and trawling in a direction that would allow the FREEMAN to maintain its course and standard survey speed of about 11 knots. The FREEMAN will also need to conduct some trawl hauls in these areas to capture small amounts of fish for use in the analysis of the acoustic data. Any cooperation that can be given by commercial vessel operators which enables the FREEMAN to successfully complete these survey operations is greatly appreciated. The MILLER FREEMAN monitors CH16/13 while underway.

For additional information or questions: contact Dr. Bill Karp (206.526.4164) or Captain Tim Clancy aboard the MILLER FREEMAN (Inmarsat: 011-872-330-394-113, email:

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