NOAA Vessel MILLER FREEMAN Conducts East Kodiak Island Acoustic-Trawl Survey in Chiniak and Barnabas Gullies, August 23-31, 2001

August 10, 2001 - 10:30 a.m.

Notice of a fishery management action.

NMFS scientists aboard the NOAA research vessel MILLER FREEMAN will be conducting an acoustic-trawl survey off the east side of Kodiak Island in Chiniak and Barnabas Gullies during August 23-31, 2001.

This survey is part of a larger research project to evaluate the effect of commercial fishing activity on the prey availability of walleye Pollock to Steller sea lions.

Scientists conducting this research are asking for cooperation from fishing vessel operators in the area by giving the MILLER FREEMAN clear passage while conducting survey operations along survey tracklines (attached), and trawling in a direction that would not cross the path of the MILLER FREEMAN so it would not need to deviate from the trackline or greatly reduce its vessel speed in the Barnabas Gully. The standard survey speed of the MILLER FREEMAN is about 12 knots. The MILLER FREEMAN also will conduct several trawl hauls in the area to capture small amounts of fish for use in the analysis of the acoustic data. Cooperation given by Commercial vessel operators, which enables the MILLER FREEMAN to successfully complete the survey operations, will be greatly appreciated. The MILLER FREEMAN monitors CH16/13 while underway.

The Chiniak Gully Research Area is Closed to Vessels using trawl gear from August 1, to a date no later than September 20, except that trawl gear may be tested in the manner described at 50 CFR 679.24(d)(2) in the Kodiak Test Area defined at 50 CFR 679.24(d)(4)(i).

For additional information or questions: contact Dr. Chris Wilson or Captain Dean Smehil aboard the MILLER FREEMAN (Inmarsat: 011-872-330-394-113, email:, or,

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