Trawl Rationalization Program Scale Requirements

May 05, 2016

Public Notice: NMFS-SEA-16-12. For more information, contact Miako Ushio, (206) 526-4644.

NMFS published a final rule (81 FR 27006) on May 5, 2016, effective June 6, 2016, that revises scale requirements for processing vessels that are required to weigh fish at sea and Shorebased Individual Fishery Quota Program (IFQ) first receivers.

  • For motherships and catcher/processors that weigh fish at sea, the rule requires the use of updated scale technology, require enhanced daily scale testing for flow scales (also known as belt scales), and requires the use of video to monitor the flow scale and the area around the flow scale.
  • For Shorebased IFQ first receivers, it adds criteria for inseason flow scale tests.

In addition, the rule includes housekeeping changes that are intended to better align the regulations with defined terms, and to provide clarity and consistency between paragraphs. NMFS proposed these regulations via a proposed rule on January 19, 2016. The comment period ended February 18, 2016 and no comments were received.

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