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Liam Mueller-Brennan

Acoustician (Contractor)
Resource Evaluation & Assessment/Protected Species
Marine Mammal Acoustics
Phone: (508) 495-2105
Fax: (508) 495-2066

Liam Mueller-Brennan

Acoustician (Contractor)

Liam graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2019 with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Integrative Biology. During his undergraduate career, Liam worked in the Cáceres lab as a Biomath Fellow, modeling the epidemiology of a parasitic fungus in a lake ecosystem. He was a NOAA Hollings scholar during the summer of 2017 where he worked as an acoustic analyst for the Omura's Whale Project, studying the temporal and spatial distribution of Omura's whales. He continued working on this project and returned to the Passive Acoustics group as a research analyst in 2019, where he currently studies the effects of anthropogenic noise on whale vocal behavior. He is also involved in data collection for the AMAPPS beaked whale project.