Professional Specialty Groups

The Fisheries Information System program's Professional Specialty Groups convene experts from multiple disciplines in order to address a specific need or issue that is identified by the program management team, The PSGs are composed of representatives from NOAA Fisheries headquarters, regional offices, science centers, Fisheries Information Networks and state partners. There are currently four PSGs in operation: Data Access and Dissemination, Electronic Reporting, Highly Migratory Species, and Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.

Electronic Reporting PSG


The ER PSG identifies and promotes data collection systems that reduce redundant reporting and improve data quality while fulfilling fishery regulations and confidentiality requirements.  One example of the PSG's effort is the development of the Electronic Reporting Inventory, which catalogs many currently available electronic reporting systems, and their respective capabilities. The PSG currently coordinates with NOAA Fisheries' Electronic Technologies Working Group to support NOAA Fisheries' electronic reporting and monitoring initiatives and to address related issues. 

Access and Dissemination PSG


The AD PSG was formed to guide the development of a new commercial fisheries landings query system.  Its mandate has grown to include cooperative projects among NOAA Fisheries, regional Fisheries Information Networks, and states on many topics pertaining to the access and dissemination of fishery-dependent data.  Most recently, the PSG has hosted a presentation series, providing scientists from across the country a unique forum to discuss successes and lessons learned from their efforts in data integration. This new paradigm has fostered an exchange of ideas across regions and government organizations that will further the PSG's mission of improving fisheries-dependent data access programs throughout the country while saving time and money.

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement PSG


The QM & CI PSG develops and hosts quality management trainings to provide participants with methods and tools for improving data collection and reporting processes in regions across the country. It also guides the implementation of quality management principles and tools into the daily business practices of NOAA Fisheries to ensure continuous process improvement. Members of the group serve as QM & CI ambassadors through trainings and outreach. Through this work, the QM & CI PSG is developing and promoting a culture of quality management throughout NOAA Fisheries. The group meets regularly to share ideas and to promote QM & CI principles for the benefit of NOAA Fisheries' headquarters, regional offices, science centers, and partner agencies.

Highly Migratory Species PSG


The HMS PSG was established in September 2017 with the goal of developing a well-documented, easily accessible, and useful Pacific HMS data system that integrates logbook, dealer, and observer data, providing a single point of access to existing databases maintained by individual offices. Because HMS fish travel so widely, crossing many geographic and political boundaries, their management requires the cooperation of U.S. states, territories, the federal government, interstate commissions, and international bodies. Collaboration, cooperation, and communication will guide the creation of a sustainable, agile, and responsive HMS data governance program to support the effective management of these prized fish.

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