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2020 NAFO Consultative Committee Meeting

Public meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Consultative Committee.


  1. Opening 
  2. Key Intersessional Outcomes (2-3 min each)
    • Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC) 
    • Ad Hoc Working Group on Bycatches, Discards and Selectivity (WG-BDS) 
    • Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Ecosystem Approach Framework to Fisheries Management (WG-EAFFM) 
    • Joint Commission-Scientific Council Working Group on Risk-Based Management Strategies (WG-RBMS) 
    • Joint Commission–Scientific Council Catch Estimation Strategy Advisory Group (CESAG) 
    • Performance Review Working Group 
  3. Review of Scientific Advice 
  4. Status of U.S. Fishing 
  5. Discussion of U.S. Priorities 
    • US Commissioners overview
    • Facilitated discussion
  6. Annual Meeting Logistics

Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on 09/09/2020