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PEP Students Share Their Summer Research Findings on August 7

Dive behavior in loggerhead sea turtles, bacteria in salt marshes, tracking sandbars, and visualizing water masses in the ocean are just a few of the 16 research projects undertaken by this summer's Partnership Education Program (PEP) students.


Morning Session 9:00-11:00 a.m. EDT

9:00   Introductions - Onjalé Scott Price & George Liles 

9:05   Identifying Sulfate Reducing Bacteria By Assembling Genomes From Eastern U.S. Salt Marsh Habitat

Presented by: Eli Ahiamadjie, Delaware State University;  Research Mentor: Elena Peredos (MBL)

9:20   Assembling Metagenomes of Sulfide Oxidizing Bacterial Communities in Eastern Coastal Spartina Salt Marshes  Presented by: Jaimy Jabon, University of Massachusetts Boston;  Research Mentor: Elena Peredos (MBL)

9:35   Visualizing Invisible Boundaries in the Ocean: Distribution of Water Masses in the Northeast U.S. Shelf

Presented by: Ayanna Butler, Howard University, Research Mentor: Stace Beaulieu (WHOI)

9:50     Exploring the Influence of Helical Swimming in Turbulence on Larval Dispersal

Presented by: Jailyn Dorsett, Delaware State University; Research Mentor: Lauren Mullineaux (WHOI)

10:05  Determining presence of haddock within the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary using passive acoustic monitoring Presented by: Kristen McCauley, Savannah State University; Research Mentor:  Gen Davis (NEFSC)

10:20  Examination of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gases for Woods Hole Research Institutions

Presented by: Andrea Regan Scott; University of North Carolina at Pembroke Research Mentor: Erin Bryant (SEA)

10:35   Detecting and Mapping Abrupt Landscape Change in Permafrost Regions of Siberia

Presented by: Tiffany Windholz, Oklahoma State University; Research Mentor: Sue Natali (WHRC)

10:50   What Strategies Can Help Plastic Pollution Reduction Campaigns Engage and Interact With Their Audience Online?  Presented by: Quinn Bustos, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology; Research Mentor: Erin Bryant (SEA)

11:05   Closing Remarks


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Afternoon Session  1:00-3:00 p.m.  (13:00-15:00) EDT

13:00   Introductions - Onjalé Scott Price & George Liles

13:05   Dive Behavior of Loggerhead Sea Turtles Along the Greater Atlantic and Southeast Regions of the United States Presented by: Christopher R. Sandoval; University of Texas at El Paso; Research Mentor: Joshua Hatch (NEFSC) 

13:20   Tracking the Nearshore Sandbar Morphology using Photogrammetry at Head of the Meadow Beach, Massachusetts

Presented by: Jose Cabral, University of Texas at El Paso; Research Mentor: Chris Sherwood (USGS)

13:35 Nitrogen species concentration within the terrestrial-costal transition area near Long Island, NY 

Presented by Hector Dominguez, University of Texas at El Paso; Research Mentor: Meagan Gonneea (USGS)

13:50   Nitrogen Cycling in the Yucatan Karst Subterranean Estuary

Presented by: Stephen Galindo, Humboldt State University; Research Mentor: Meagan Gonneea (USGS)

14:05   Calcium carbonate fluxes in the Atlantic Ocean through sediment trap particulate inorganic and organic carbon data

Presented by: Aundre Jackson, North Carolina Central University; Research Mentor: Adam Subhas (WHOI)

14:20   Investigating Carbon Fluxes with Sediment Traps in the Pacific Ocean

Presented by: Katherine Muniz, Wellesley College; Research Mentor: Adam Subhas (WHOI)

14:35   Study of the Distributions on Benthic Invertebrates

Presented by: Hayden Stuart,  New Mexico State University; Research Mentor: Dvora Hart (NEFSC)

14:50   Distribution of Hermit Crabs and Echinoderms Along the Mid Atlantic Bight and Georges Bank 

Presented by: Ayinde Best, Wheaton College (MA); Research Mentor: Dvora Hart (NEFSC)

15:05    Closing Remarks


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