Commercial Atlantic Bigeye, Northern Albacore, Skipjack, and Yellowfin Tuna Landings Update

BAYS tuna landings reported to NOAA Fisheries from January 1 to October 31, 2017.
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yellowfin tuna on table

Below are the preliminary landings estimates for the Atlantic bigeye, northern albacore, yellowfin, and skipjack (BAYS) tunas commercial fisheries. These preliminary estimates are based on dealer reports and other information received from January 1 through October 31, 2017, and includes landings for the Atlantic including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. Also, these estimates are subject to late reporting and do not include discards. Totals are reported in metric tons (mt) and pounds (lb) whole weight (ww); 1 mt is equal to 2,204.6 lb.

Species 2017 Quota Estimated Landings
Percent of 2017 Quota

2016 Landings through Same Time Period

Bigeye N/A 326.5 mt
(719,896 lb)
N/A 293.8 mt
(647,649 lb)
Northern Albacore* 658.75 mt
(1,452,280 lb)
140.9 mt
(310,718 lb)
23% 167.7 mt
(369,645 lb)
Yellowfin N/A 1,248.5 mt
(2,752,375 lb)
N/A 1,166.4 mt
(2,571,394 lb)
Skipjack N/A 3.7 mt
(8,197 lb)
N/A 3.3 mt
(7,192 lb)

* NOAA Fisheries adjusted the northern albacore (NALB) annual baseline quota for 2017 with available underharvest of the 2016 adjusted U.S. NALB quota (82 FR 43500, September 18, 2017).

This notice is a courtesy to Atlantic BAYS tunas fishery interests to keep you informed about the fishery. Official notice of federal fishery actions is made through filing such notice with the Office of the Federal Register. To view catch statistics from previous months, please contact the Highly Migratory Species Management Division at (978) 281-9260.