Pacific Islands Must-Reads of 2019

December 31, 2019

Introducing some of our Pacific Islands feature stories of 2019. All year long, we've published to this list. As 2019 comes to a close, these are some stories we've loved most.


Olive ridley sea turtle hatchling.

Pacific Islands Top 10 Stories

In 2019, we brought you science and conservation stories covering a wide range of topics important to the Pacific Islands region. Here are the 10 stories that resonated the most with our readers and have been shared and liked many times over on social media.

750x500-olive-ridley-hatchlings.jpg  750x500-rl44-pre-tagged-HMAR.jpg

Left: Approximately 30 olive ridley hatchlings crawling to the sea after found emerging under a towel at Kailua Beach Park. Right: RL44 spotted on the beach before being tagged.

Recommended 10 Noteworthy Stories

For one reason or another, some feature stories don’t gain as much traction online as others. Here is a collection of highly recommended stories that you may have missed but still deserve your attention. 

750x500-r333-monk-seal-release-PIFSC.jpg  Cape Flattery Coral Restoration Sea Urchin Algea Eaters 4000x3000 NOAA Fisheries Matthew Parry.jpg

Left: Monk seal release. Right: A Hawaiian collector sea urchins cleaning a coral of invasive algae in Kāne‘ohe Bay.


For more Pacific Islands feature stories, dive into our Pacific Islands news page.

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