Other Non-NOAA Aquaculture Funding Opportunities


Sea Grant Marine Aquaculture Grant Program

Informally called the National Marine Aquaculture Initiative, is a competitive grant program for demonstration projects and research on sustainable marine aquaculture in the United States. The competition is designed to foster partnerships between commercial companies, research institutions, universities, state governments, and coastal communities. The competition also supports the work of state Sea Grant extension programs.

List of Sea Grant aquaculture investments

Small Business Innovation Research Program

Supports investment in aquaculture research and development, encouraging small businesses to seek federal funds for innovative technologies and next-generation products and processes that may lead to commercialization.

Through this awards-based program, small businesses can explore their technological potential. Along with NOAA, federal agencies including the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, National Institute of Science and Technology, and National Science Foundation allocate research and development money to this program. Information on currently open solicitations, eligibility, and the application process can be found at the SBIR website.

Last updated on 04/09/2018