Division / Root Project Data Set Cat ID NOAA DMP
_Analysis and Program Support Division (APSD) Metadata Portfolio Data Matching Imputation System 17328 NOAA DMP
Dealer Database 12205 NOAA DMP
IVR EFP Database 11155 NOAA DMP
IVR Herring Database 11159 NOAA DMP
IVR RSA Database 11157 NOAA DMP
IVR Tilefish Database 11161 NOAA DMP
Permit.LOA table 17233 NOAA DMP
Quota Monitoring Data Set 2027 NOAA DMP
SC/OQ Dealer Database 2070 NOAA DMP
SC/OQ Vessel Database 1503 NOAA DMP
Vessel Logbook Database 11489 NOAA DMP
_Information Resources Management (IRM) Division Metadata Portfolio AMS Data Set 17131 NOAA DMP
Cost Recovery Data Set 17133 NOAA DMP
DPS Data Set 17129 NOAA DMP
Gillnet Tag Program 1550 NOAA DMP
MQRS Data Set 17137 NOAA DMP
Sector Information Data Set 17139 NOAA DMP
VMS forms Output Tables 22193 NOAA DMP
Vessel Operator System 1463 NOAA DMP
Vessel Permit System Data Set 16840 NOAA DMP
_Protected Resources Division (PRD) Metadata Portfolio Marine Animal Incident Database 46789 NOAA DMP
Students Collaborating to Undertake Tracking Efforts for Sturgeon(SCUTES) 46626 NOAA DMP
_Sustainable Fisheries Division (SFD) Metadata Portfolio RDD Databases 16947 NOAA DMP