Division / Root Project Data Set Cat ID NOAA DMP
Databases for Fisheries Information Commercial Landings Data for the Gulf States 30000 NOAA DMP
Database on Gulf of Mexico State's Biological Samples 29998 NOAA DMP
Inshore Shrimp Fleet 22033 NOAA DMP
Marine Recreational Fishery Catch and Effort Estimates for the Gulf States 29999 NOAA DMP
Rapid Assessment Program 30001 NOAA DMP
State Landings 30003 NOAA DMP
Yearly Summary Landings 30002 NOAA DMP
Gulf State Marine Fisheries Commission Bait Data Elements 3516 NOAA DMP
CALECO Project Database 8646 NOAA DMP
Charter Boat Pilot Survey Database 10045 NOAA DMP
Commercial Landings Database 9966 NOAA DMP
Constant Recorder Database 8649 NOAA DMP
Detailed Crab Effort Database 9863 NOAA DMP
Environmental Perturbations Database 8650 NOAA DMP
FinFish Data Elements 3513 NOAA DMP
Harvest data 3587 NOAA DMP
Hydro data 3592 NOAA DMP
Inshore/Offshore Project Database 8644 NOAA DMP
LOOP Database 8654 NOAA DMP
Louisiana Air Temperature Database 8655 NOAA DMP
Louisiana Rainfall Database 8683 NOAA DMP
Louisiana River Discharge Database 8684 NOAA DMP
Menhaden Database 9983 NOAA DMP
Minimum Data Elements 2948 NOAA DMP
National Coastal Assessment Database 8687 NOAA DMP
Oyster Data Elements 3515 NOAA DMP
Oyster Database 8688 NOAA DMP
Shrimp/Groundfish Database 8689 NOAA DMP
Stock Assessment (Age and Growth) Database 10024 NOAA DMP
Texas Charter Boat 3656 NOAA DMP
Texas Commercial Fish Landings 3675 NOAA DMP
Trawl Data Collection Dataset 21695 NOAA DMP
Trip Interview Program Database 9903 NOAA DMP