Division / Root Project Data Set Cat ID NOAA DMP
Data Management Systems (DMS) Benthic Habitat Database 25749 NOAA DMP
Commercial Fisheries Database Biological Sample (CFDBS) 27401 NOAA DMP
NEFSC Statistical Areas 26262 NOAA DMP
Vessel Electronic Reporting System (VERS) 26730 NOAA DMP
Ecosystems & Aquaculture Division (EAD) BOEM Benthic Habitat Assessment 27486 NOAA DMP
Benthic Habitat Dataset 27483 NOAA DMP
Benthic Mapping in Long Island Sound 26590 NOAA DMP
Bioaccumulation dynamics of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides 27481 NOAA DMP
Coastal Estuarine Linkages 27485 NOAA DMP
Deep Trawl Dataset 27484 NOAA DMP
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Phytoplankton Physiology and Nutrition for Fishery-based Food Webs 26976 NOAA DMP
Effects of hydraulic shellfish harvesting on benthic communities and sediment chemistry 2009-2013 26577 NOAA DMP
Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps Database 25149 NOAA DMP
Experimental tests of the effects of OA on early life history of marine fishes 27478 NOAA DMP
Field Grow-out of Juvenile American Lobsters in Long Island Sound 26591 NOAA DMP
Growth and other physiological responses of bivalves in laboratory experiments 27400 NOAA DMP
Gulf of Maine Deep Sea Corals/Sponge Image Analysis 27488 NOAA DMP
Intercalibration of MOCNESS and Bongo nets: Assessing relative efficiency for ichthyoplankton 25306 NOAA DMP
Long term Milford Lab Temperature and Salinity Data 26634 NOAA DMP
Microalgal Culture Collection Transfers 26630 NOAA DMP
Microalgal Mass Culture Data from Greenhouse Tanks 26574 NOAA DMP
New York Bight sub-estuaries Study following Hurricane Sandy 27482 NOAA DMP
Ocean acidification impacts on black sea bass and scup embryos, responses of finfish in laboratory experiments 25107 NOAA DMP
Oceanography Branch Hydrographic Database 25147 NOAA DMP
Oceanography Branch Plankton Database 9286 NOAA DMP
Oyster Larval Survival Counts from Probiotic OY15 Experiments 26979 NOAA DMP
Seston Data from Flow Cytometers and Microscope Environmental Data from Sondes 26573 NOAA DMP
Shellfish Culture at the Milford Laboratory: hatchery production, stock enhancement and aquaculture research 26592 NOAA DMP
Shellfish Feeding Experiments, Filter Weight and Tissue Weight 26633 NOAA DMP
Spatial gradients of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides 27480 NOAA DMP
Spatial trends of polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) congeners 27479 NOAA DMP
Fishery Monitoring & Research Division (FMRD) Gear Selectivity Survey - Haddock 28032 NOAA DMP
Gulf of Maine Cooperative Bottom Longline Survey Database 27731 NOAA DMP
Herring Fishery Electronic Monitoring Project Data (EMREVIEW) 53562 NOAA DMP
Industry Based Monkfish Survey 27320 NOAA DMP
Industry Based Survey (IBS) Cod 27398 NOAA DMP
Industry Based Survey (IBS) Yellowtail 27392 NOAA DMP
Northeast Cooperative Research Study Fleet (SF) Program Biological Sampling Data 27317 NOAA DMP
Northeast Cooperative Research Study Fleet (SF) Program Combined GPS, Temperature/Depth, and Effort Fishery Dependent Data 26983 NOAA DMP
Northeast Electronic Reporting System (NERS) 26731 NOAA DMP
Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program 27389 NOAA DMP
OBPRELIM Observer Preliminary Data System 24507 NOAA DMP
OBSCAN Observer Scanning System 24508 NOAA DMP
Observer and At Sea Monitor Database (OBDBS) 24111 NOAA DMP
Yellowtail Tagging Data (MRDBS) 27387 NOAA DMP
Operations, Management, and Information Division (OMI) Historical Photo Archive Database (PHOTO) 26240 NOAA DMP
NEFSC Photo Gallery 26235 NOAA DMP
Population and Ecosystems Monitoring and Analysis Division (PEMAD) Acoustics Research 26654 NOAA DMP
Apex Predators Program Age and Growth Data 25994 NOAA DMP
Atlantic Herring Acoustic Surveys 9025 NOAA DMP
Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Survey 22565 NOAA DMP
Bigelow Paired Gear Efficiency Study 27319 NOAA DMP
Coastal Shark Bottom Longline Survey 27490 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Atlantic States Shark Pupping and Nursery (COASTSPAN) 27489 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Research Paired Trawl Sweep Comparison Study 27384 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Research Pilot Flatfish Survey (Yellowtail) 27321 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Research Twin Trawl Sweep Comparison Study 27385 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Shark Mark Recapture Database (MRDBS) 25121 NOAA DMP
Deep Water Survey Data 25069 NOAA DMP
Enhanced Biological Sampling Data 26273 NOAA DMP
Fall Bottom Trawl Survey 22560 NOAA DMP
Food Habits Database (FHDBS) 8083 NOAA DMP
Historical Survey Data Archive 27497 NOAA DMP
Sea Scallop Survey 22564 NOAA DMP
Shrimp Survey Data 25087 NOAA DMP
Spring Bottom Trawl Survey 22561 NOAA DMP
Summer Bottom Trawl Survey 22562 NOAA DMP
Winter Bottom Trawl Survey 22563 NOAA DMP
Resource Evaluation and Assessment Division Animal Tracking Data 27337 NOAA DMP
Atlantic Salmon Scale Measurements 27493 NOAA DMP
Atlantic Salmon Smolt Monitoring 27495 NOAA DMP
Atlantic Salmon Telemetry Monitoring 27492 NOAA DMP
Community Database 26854 NOAA DMP
Concentration of chlorophyll a derived from ocean color remote sensing 27408 NOAA DMP
Ethnographic Interviews of New England Groundfish Fishermen on Adaptation and Transition 26889 NOAA DMP
Fisheries Disaster Survey, 2000 27734 NOAA DMP
Fishing Revenue-Intensity Raster Database, 2007-2012 26638 NOAA DMP
For-hire cost/ earnings survey 27523 NOAA DMP
Habitat Mapping Camera (HABCAM) 27598 NOAA DMP
Maine River Temperature Monitoring 27494 NOAA DMP
Market News Price Dataset 26732 NOAA DMP
Massachusetts Recreational Fishing Demand Survey 27649 NOAA DMP
North Atlantic Right Whale Sighting Advisory System (NARWSS) 27526 NOAA DMP
Northeast Commercial Fishing Vessel Cost Survey 26888 NOAA DMP
Northeast Groundfish Recreational Fishing Demand Survey (ME, MA, NH) 27647 NOAA DMP
Northeast Groundfish Recreational demand survey of anglers, ME through NJ 27524 NOAA DMP
Northeast Region Groundfish and Scallop Processor Interviews 27521 NOAA DMP
Northeast Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass Recreational Fishing Demand Survey 27648 NOAA DMP
Oral history database 27525 NOAA DMP
Penobscot Estuary (Maine) Monitoring 27491 NOAA DMP
Primary productivity derived from ocean color remote sensing 27414 NOAA DMP
Right Whale Sightings Advisory System (RWSAS) 23305 NOAA DMP
SAR data 23307 NOAA DMP
SPMW_US_Biomass_Master_Long 27403 NOAA DMP
SPMW_US_Landings_Master_Long 27406 NOAA DMP
Seal Counts 23063 NOAA DMP
Social capital survey in groundfish 27522 NOAA DMP
Socio-economic Survey of Commercial Fishing Crew in the Northeast 27519 NOAA DMP
Socio-economic Survey of Commercial Fishing Vessel Owners in the Northeast 27518 NOAA DMP
Stock Assessment Supplementary Information (SASINF) 26539 NOAA DMP
Summary Characteristics from Ethnographic Interviews of New England Groundfish Fishermen on Adaptation and Transition 27637 NOAA DMP
Tethys Acoustic Metadata Database 24687 NOAA DMP
Tissue Tracking System 25694 NOAA DMP
Vessel Owner Affiliation Data 26733 NOAA DMP
Visual Sighting Surveys 23306 NOAA DMP