From: InPort Admin
To: All Users

InPort Release 4.8.0 Downtime: Thursday, July 29 @11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern.

What's New in this Release?

- Keywords in InPort are being revamped, and are being replaced by Controlled Keywords, Uncontrolled Keywords, and Tags. Please see the Overview below for more details.

- A Data Set can now be loaded into InPort together with up to 5 Child Entities in a single InPort XML file.

InPort Keywords Revamp Overview

Beginning with this release, the InPort team has started a multi-release effort to revamp and improve the use of keywords in InPort. The main purposes of this initiative are:

1) To facilitate and normalize the use of controlled vocabularies, for improved discoverability and standardization within InPort, and other systems where InPort metadata is disseminated

2) To provide multiple options for InPort users to fully and appropriately describe their metadata

Up until this point, all keywords in InPort have effectively been Uncontrolled Keywords. With this revamp, metadata can now be described using Controlled Keywords, Uncontrolled Keywords, and Tags.

Important Note: In reflection of the importance of Controlled Keywords, the Data Set Completeness Rubric will be modified in a future release of InPort to count only Controlled Keywords for scoring. This change, however, is not planned until Phase 4 of this effort, which will not occur until April 2022 or later, to provide time for user feedback and planning.

More detailed information on these changes will be available on the InPort website with this Thursday's release. Please stay tuned!.