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Foreign Trade - District Codes

This page will generate a report of domain data, or list of values, for U.S. Customs district codes. Codes are periodically added to the system so you may want to check back for an updated listing.

Please click on SUBMIT to retrieve District Codes   

Included in the comma delimited file will be the following data:

DISTRICT Two character district code
NAME U.S. Customs district
Product codes
Country codes
District codes
Sample Dataset

The listing of the 48 active U.S. Customs districts (we show more) is often referred to as "Schedule D" in the industry. The actual schedule lists not only the district headquarters port but also includes the other ports under the districts supervision. Although importers and exporters submit their transactions at the port level, the data are aggregated to the district level for public release. When using import data the district is the point of entry and for exports the point of exit.