National Electronic Monitoring Workshops - Report and Videos

The 2019 and 2020 workshops provided an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to engage across different fisheries and regions. A report is coming soon that reflects on past workshops and the discussions and highlights from the 2019 and 2020 workshops.


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NOAA Fisheries recently announced two workshops focused on the use and implementation of electronic monitoring (EM) for U.S. fisheries. The first workshop will be held on the east coast with the support of the New England Fishery Management Council; the second workshop will be held on the west coast with the support of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Both workshops will be nationally-focused, but are being offered on each coast to offer greater opportunity for regional-participation from fishermen and other stakeholders. Workshop registration is free. Please visit the websites below to find out more and express your interest to attend!

East Coast

West Coast

November 13–14, 2019

Wentworth by the Sea

New Castle, New Hampshire

Registration Closed

February 12–13, 2020

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

Renton, Washington

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Limited travel assistance will be available with priority given to fishermen and/or attendees traveling from outside the Northeast and Pacific Northwest respectively. More information about travel assistance and opportunities for EM vendors to participate in workshop events can be found at the event website.

Remote Participation

We will have a phone line and webinar (presentation slides only) available for people to participate remotely, we'll provide that information shortly.  We will also be video recording the entire workshop and making that available shortly after. 


Fisheries in the U.S. and around the world are increasingly utilizing EM to improve the timeliness, quality, cost effectiveness, and accessibility of fisheries-dependent data collection by incorporating cameras, gear sensors, and electronic reporting (ER) into commercial fishing operations. Realizing the growing interests, NOAA fisheries sponsored two national EM workshops in 2014 and 2016 to raise awareness of EM programs and emerging technologies, provide a platform for collaboration, and provide guidance on developing EM policy and best-practices. Since that time, 13 EM projects and programs have been implemented covering more than 400 vessels in 11 fisheries, technology has advanced, yet challenges remain as EM programs expand and mature. Given the interest and success of the previous two workshops, and to encourage greater regional-participation from fishermen and other stakeholders from all regions, NOAA Fisheries is hosting a workshop on each coast to continue tackling challenges with EM.


The 3rd National EM Workshop Series will engage and educate new participants and foster an environment for collaboration across different fisheries and stakeholders regarding the opportunities and challenges associated with EM. Fishermen will have a platform to share their perspectives and to hear what is working and what needs improvement. The workshops will offer best-practices from different regional EM programs and include presentations and panel discussions that will address national EM challenges such as:

  • Technology development and integration to support fishermen.
  • Expanding applications and uses of data from EM programs.
  • EM program and policy development: How can fishermen and other stakeholders can get involved.
  • Reducing cost while increasing fishermen and stakeholder benefits.
  • Using EM to increase data collection and support science-based decisions.

In addition to presentations and panel discussions on the topics listed above, the workshop will host an evening vendor exposition; vendors will share EM tools, applications, and experiences with workshop participants and EM users will be able to express their experiences and needs with vendors. The expo will expose managers and fishermen to currently available EM tools and provide an opportunity for conversations between vendors and stakeholders about practical aspects of EM implementation costs and benefits with the aim to move the industry towards more beneficial technology.

Fishermen and fishing industry groups are strongly encouraged to attend. We also welcome stakeholders from a range of perspectives, including federal and state agencies, fishery management councils, NGO’s, and EM providers. Even if you do not have any experience with EM, we value your participation and look forward to hearing from you. People located in other areas such as the Pacific Islands or Gulf of Mexico are encouraged to attend the workshop closest to them but are welcome at either or both. Participation at both conferences is encouraged for stakeholders with national interests.

More information

If you have questions after visiting the event websites, contact K.C. Wilson at, (301)427-8131 or Brett Alger at, (301)427-8217.

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