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Offshore Wind Energy Development Support

Offshore wind energy development is rapidly growing in the United States. Our research supports data collection for baseline monitoring along the East Coast and provides recommendations for passive acoustic monitoring best practices.

 Pile driving station installing new wind turbine foundations. Wind turbine under construction at Block Island, Rhode Island. Noises generated by construction, operation, and decommissioning of these turbines can affect marine animals. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Andrew Lipsky

The first large-scale, offshore wind energy development project in the United States was approved by federal regulators in May 2021. More than 25 offshore wind projects are planned in western North Atlantic lease areas, from North Carolina to Massachusetts, and in large areas off Maine.

Our nation’s goal is to generate 30 gigawatts of wind-generated power by 2030. Alongside this goal is protecting biodiversity and promoting ocean co-use. Our group supports this national goal by:

  • Collecting baseline data for assessing changes in when and where marine animals occur
  • Providing “best practices” recommendations for passive acoustic monitoring in wind energy development areas
  • Mitigating 
  • Coordinating collection and sharing of species detection data across regional passive acoustic monitoring efforts



Passive Acoustic Cetacean Map

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Passive Acoustic Reporting System Templates

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NOAA and BOEM Minimum Recommendations for Use of Passive Acoustic Listening Systems in Offshore Wind Energy Development Monitoring and Mitigation Programs

In addition to broad national recommendations, the publication includes supplements featuring example uses of the framework tailored to…

Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on May 26, 2022

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