Lionel A. Walford Library Collection

The Library collection subject specialization is marine sciences, oceanography, ichthyology, marine environmental matters and pollution, and marine ecology. Principal materials are serials, specialized monographs, theses and dissertations, special works not formally published, reference materials, foreign-language materials and maps and charts.  

Charts and Maps

The Library has nautical, bathymetric and topographic charts, maps and atlases, tide and current tables, and climatological data of the United States from 1914.

Electronic Databases and Print Abstracts/Indexes

The Library subscribes to several research databases for which desktop access exists for Laboratory scientists and Library visitors. The primary databases used by staff are Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA), BioOne, and Web of Science. In addition to digital literature searches, the library maintains major indexes in hard copy, which are particularly useful for covering time periods not available through electronic means.

Government and Staff Publications

The Library retains a reprint file of staff publications, as well as archival physical copies of grey literature issued by the Laboratory and Center. The Library also has a significant collection of government publications issued by the Bureau of Sport Fisheries, the Department of Interior, and NOAA.

Journals and Serials

The Library has holdings of approximately 40,000 issues from 1,200 titles in marine science, fishery ecology, chemistry, microbiology and environmental concerns.

Newsletters and Pamphlet File

The Library maintains approximately 300 newsletters from various marine and fishery science organizations and government agencies. Our Pamphlet File is a ready-reference collection of popular material and ephemera on approximately 300 subjects such as seafood products, ocean dumping, climate and fisheries, beach erosion, artificial reefs, shipwrecks, etc. This material must be used in the Library.

Rare Book and Special Collections

The Library has a collection of over 400 volumes of rare books, including volumes pertaining to the major expeditions. Rare books are housed in the Library's Special Collections Room, which is protected by a state-of-the art fire suppression system. The Special Collections Room also houses our collection of over seven thousand still images, in a variety of formats (slides, large-format and 36 mm negative strips, and prints). These images depict past research, facilities and staff, and documentation used in publications and presentations. Lastly, the Special Collections Room also includes Laboratory institutional papers and ephemera, and the Richard B. Russell striped bass and environmental journalism papers.

Theses and Dissertations

The Library has a collection of over one hundred theses and dissertations available for in-library use.

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