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Habitat Month Highlights the Power of Partnerships

Read this message about habitat conservation and collaboration from Pat Montanio, director of the Office of Habitat Conservation.
July 16, 2018 / Leadership Message /
NOAA staff join partners at wetland and stream restoration site in Oahu, Hawaii

ShoreZone Coastal Habitat Surveys Continue in Alaska

Scientists involved in the Alaska ShoreZone program have been steadily imaging and mapping Alaska’s rich coastal habitats since 2001. Over ninety percent of Alaska’s approximately 80,000 km of coastline has been completed, but gaps remain. During NOAA Fisheries’ Habitat Month in July 2018, imaging experts...
July 13, 2018 / Feature Story /
Western entrance to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Pt. Carolus, Alaska. (ShoreZone image 2005, M. Lindeberg, NOAA).

NOAA Announces Funding for Sixteen Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Projects

$8.2 million will leverage resources and establish lasting partnerships in support of productive and sustainable fisheries, healthy ecosystems, and resilient communities.
July 13, 2018 / Feature Story /
Bloede Dam Project CRP 3x2.png

Shallow Coral Reefs — Essential Fish Habitat of the Pacific Islands

They buffer our shores from powerful waves, storms, and floods. They provide homes and shelter to numerous species of fish — including many that are an important part of subsistence, commercial, and recreational fishing — and supply surfers, boaters, snorkelers, divers, and fishers with bountiful leisure. And...
July 13, 2018 / Feature Story /
A Bluefin trevally swims past table coral colonies at Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

Supporting Continued Coral Reef and Watershed Management in West Hawai‘i

In July 2017, NOAA awarded $250,000 in funding to The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Hawai‘i to continue activities and efforts to manage coral reefs and watersheds in West Hawai‘i. This award builds upon the partnership between NOAA and TNC established in 2014 as part of the West Hawai‘i Habitat Focus Area,...
July 13, 2018 / Feature Story /
Underwater photo of West Hawai'i's vibrant coral reef ecosystem. 

Young Whale Gets an Unlikely Second Chance at Survival

NOAA and partners worked together off Sandy Hook, New Jersey yesterday to cut a length of rope entangling a juvenile humpback whale, giving the whale a second chance.
July 12, 2018 / Feature Story /
Responders cut the line off entangled juvenile humpback whale.

The Power of Partnerships

Partners are key to habitat conservation!
July 10, 2018 / Feature Story /

United States–India Collaboration Improves Understanding of Harmful Algal Blooms

United States and India celebrate World Oceans Month with International Science Symposium
July 10, 2018 / Feature Story /
The NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown at sea. Credit: NOAA.

Partners are Revitalizing the Detroit River’s Ecosystem and Supporting a Healthy Economy

NOAA’s Great Lakes partnership with the Friends of the Detroit River is helping the area go from polluted to an international icon of hope for habitat.
July 09, 2018 / Feature Story /
A protective habitat shoal under construction at Stony Island. Photo: Great Lakes Aggregates

NOAA Fisheries Releases Revised MRIP Recreational Catch and Effort Estimates

Learn more about the revised Marine Recreational Information Program catch and effort estimates.
July 09, 2018 / Leadership Message /
Shore fishing.