Research Set-Aside & Cooperative Research Project Search

March 09, 2020

Since 1999, the Northeast's Research Set-Aside Program and its partners have supported hundreds of collaborative projects. Projects have primarily been distributed from Maine to Virginia, involving scientists, fishermen, and students.

Collaborative fisheries research projects managed through the Research Set-Aside Program are generated from several different sources.

These projects include research funded through our program contract competitions, projects led by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, projects developed in response to the region's fishery Research Set-Aside programs, the Study Fleet, and Congressionally-directed cooperative research programs.

Federal funds supporting projects can be distributed through grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements. The Northeast Cooperative Research Program also provides funds to help support collaborative research competitions administered through external partners such as the Northeast Consortium and the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation.

For more details on the work supported through these programs, please see our comprehensive project list. A final report for each project is available once the report has been received and peer reviewed.

Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on 07/24/2020