2018 Alaska Fisheries Science Center Priorities and Annual Guidance

January 01, 2018

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s current Science Plan (AFSC Science Plan 2.0, July 2016) defines our vision, goals, and objectives. The AFSC Priorities and Annual Guidance Memorandum for FY2017 (referred to as our AGM) provided considerable detail regarding the fiscal and logistical challenges facing the AFSC*. The purpose of this year’s AGM is to focus the AFSC on the coming year’s programmatic priorities through our FY2018 Implementation Process by balancing the AFSC’s mandates and stakeholder priorities with the fiscal outlook. With the current Administration’s focus on reorganizing and streamlining governments, AFSC leadership believes FY2018 will serve as a transition year for the Center to downsize in both staff size and capacity, recognizing that downsizing the staff is dependent on the individual choices of staff regarding their employment at the AFSC.

The AFSC mission is guided and informed by a suite of strategic planning documents prepared by the Department of Commerce, NOAA, and NOAA Fisheries1. Broad policy objectives contained in these plans which resonate at the AFSC include: “foster healthy and sustainable marine resources, habitats, and ecosystems;” “listen and respond to stakeholder concerns;” “ensure the productivity and sustainability of fisheries and fishing communities through science-based decision-making and compliance of regulations;” “recover and conserve protected resources through the use of sound natural and social sciences;” and “improve organizational excellence.”

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