Acoustic Monitoring of Beluga Whales and Noise in Cook Inlet April 2008 - September 2008

February 13, 2009

A collaborative project to record and analyze ambient noise in Cook Inlet, Alaska, and monitor Cook Inlet beluga whales

In cooperation with scientific staff from the Alaska SeaLife Center, the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, and Prince William Sound Science Center, field work was conducted on 28-29 May 2008 to test:

  • The range that Ecological Acoustic Recorders would detect controlled noise signal of known frequency at several known distances; i.e., 'playback tests'.
  • The amount of strumming noise from the mooring line or other noise associated with the rigging that could be recorded by the EARs.
  • The amount of ambient noise, in particular from current flow, that could be recorded by the EARs.

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