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Environmental Assessment for an Emergency Rule to Implement Harvesting and Processing Restrictions and Fishery Cooperative Measures Required Under the American Fisheries Act

January 18, 2000

This emergency rule would implement, on a temporary basis, management measures required under the statutory requirement of the American Fisheries Act.

This rule would provide the opportunity for inshore catcher vessels to form cooperatives for the 2000 fishing year. The inshore cooperatives will provide the inshore fishing industry with the ability to meet more effectively the temporal and spatial dispersion objectives of Steller sea lion conservation measures. This rule would implement harvesting and processing restrictions necessary to protect fishing vessels and processors not eligible to participate in the directed pollock fishery. Such restrictions are necessary to prevent adverse economic impacts on the participants of other groundfish and crab fisheries that begin fishing in January 2000.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 04/26/2019

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