Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review/ Final Regulatory Flexibility Analysis for a Regulatory Amendment to Limit Entry in the Halibut Charter Fisheries in IPHC Regulatory Areas 2C and 3A in the Gulf of Alaska

November 06, 2009

This analysis examines two alternatives to limit entry into the Pacific halibut guided sport (charter) fisheries in International Pacific Halibut Commission Regulatory Areas 2C and 3A in the Gulf of Alaska.

One of the alternatives considered in this analysis would take no action. The second alternative (the Council preferred alternative) would implement a moratorium on entry into the charter sector, as of December 9, 2005. It is intended as an interim step in the Council’s long range plan to limit charter halibut harvests. Permits would be issued to licensed fishing guide business owners based on minimum threshold levels of participation and a subset of eligible communities based on maximum threshold levels of charter halibut participation in those communities. Both types of entities would be subject to a limit on the number of permits they could hold and use (use caps) and all permits would be subject to a halibut client endorsement. A higher participation threshold is required to receive a transferable permit.

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