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Letter of Concurrence on the Issuance of Permit No. 20294 to Robert DiGiovanni Jr. for Vessel and Aerial Surveys of Blue, Fin, North Atlantic Right, Sei, and Sperm Whales

December 18, 2017

Published Date: 2017

The proposed action for this consultation is the issuance of a scientific research permit (Permit No. 20294) to Mr. Robert DiGiovanni Jr. to authorize take of ESA-listed blue, fin, North Atlantic right, sei, and sperm whales, in addition to several non-ESA-listed cetaceans, in the form of harassment under the MMPA. Under the MMPA, take of all age classes and both sexes would be authorized. No take of blue, fin, North Atlantic right, sei, and sperm whales under the ESA would be authorized since, as discussed above, the proposed research would not rise to the level of take under the ESA.

Last updated by Office of Protected Resources on 02/04/2020

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