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Pre-Deployment Visual Monitoring for Beluga Whales in and Near the Cook Inlet Tidal Energy Project Proposed Deployment Area September 2009

October 08, 2009

Progress report of a study by LGL Alaska Research Associates, Inc., sponsored by Ocean Renewable Power Alaska (ORPC) to monitor beluga whale presence, relative abundance, and behavior off of the north side of Fire Island, Upper Cook Inlet, Alaska.

The beluga whale observations were continued in September with a total of 14 observation days (111.33 hours) from the observation tower set near Race Point on Fire Island. Beluga whales were not observed within the Deployment Area but were observed on five of the 14 observation days outside of the Deployment Area, generally near the Susitna River area. Observers also noted a possible single beluga near the observation point on Fire Island. Harbor seals were observed on three of the 14 observation days near Fire Island and offshore, but not within the Deployment Area. LGL’s monthly progress report for beluga monitoring is attached for reference and includes figures locating the beluga and seal sitings.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 06/06/2018

Cook Inlet Beluga Whale