Supplementary Information Report for the 2014 Annual Deployment Plan for Observers in the Groundfish and Halibut Fisheries Off Alaska

December 01, 2013

This supplementary information report evaluates the need to supplement the Environmental Assessment for the 2014 Annual Deployment Plan.

A supplemental Environmental Assessment for the 2014 Annual Deployment Plan should be prepared if:

  1. the agency makes substantial changes in the proposed action that are relevant to environmental concerns, or
  2. significant new circumstances or information exist relevant to environmental con-cerns and bearing on the proposed action or its impacts.

Not every change requires a supplemental analysis; only those changes that cause effects which are significantly different from those already studied require supplementary consideration. This report analyzes the information contained in the 2014 ADP to determine whether the EA should be supplemented. The following two sections discuss each of the considerations for a supplemental NEPA analysis: changes to the action, new information, and new circumstances.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 12/13/2018

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