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Acropora: Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral Critical Habitat Map and GIS Data

Map and GIS data representing critical habitat for the conservation of threatened Acropora species in the Southeast U.S.

This is a map showing elkhorn and staghorn coral critical habitat in Florida and the Caribbean.

Under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, critical habitat may be designated by NOAA Fisheries for the conservation of threatened and endangered species under its jurisdiction.

These maps and corresponding Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shapefile data represent specific critical habitat areas for species in the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Region. The Federal Register (see FR link below) should be consulted for the precise legal definition of critical habitat and geographic coordinates. Esri's ArcGIS software or Google Earth can be used to open GIS shapefiles. Google Earth can also be used to open zipped KML (KMZ) files to view the designated critical habitat areas. Click here to download Google Earth. Metadata (information about the GIS shapefile data) is available in XML or an easy-to-read HTML format, and is included in the zipped shapefile.

73 FR 72210 Acropora: Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral Critical Habitat Federal Register Final Rule

For more information or questions about this data please contact the GIS Coordinator at

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on 10/21/2020

Southeast Critical Habitat Map Critical Habitat