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Critical Habitat - Salmon and Steelhead (all West Coast)

Maps and GIS data

Salmon and steelhead critical habitat data can be downloaded as shapefiles, viewed interactively in the Protected Resources App, or accessed through map services (REST URLs).

Critical habitat text descriptions and static maps (PDFs) can be viewed and/or printed from the electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR). Federal Register (FR) document citations for critical habitat designations are displayed at the end of each eCFR section.

Critical habitat designations are depicted as lines to represent protected rivers and streams and as polygons to represent protected waterbodies, marine areas, estuaries, and marshes.

Listed Entity Listed Entity Code Download Data (zip) Text & Map Map Service View Data
Salmon, chum (Hood Canal summer-run ESU) CMHCS .shp (line) eCFR §226.212 REST Protected Resources App
.shp (poly)
Salmon, chum (Columbia River ESU) CMCOL .shp (line)
Salmon, coho (Lower Columbia River ESU) COLCR .shp (line)
Salmon, coho (Oregon Coast ESU) COORC .shp (line)
Salmon, coho (Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast ESU) COSNC unavailable eCFR §226.210
Salmon, coho (Central California Coast ESU) COCCC .shp (line)
Salmon, sockeye (Ozette Lake ESU) SOOZT .shp (line) eCFR §226.212
Salmon, sockeye (Snake River ESU) SOSNR .shp (line) eCFR §226.205
.shp (poly)
Salmon, Chinook (Puget Sound ESU) CKPUG .shp (line) eCFR §226.212
.shp (poly)
Salmon, Chinook (Upper Columbia River spring-run ESU) CKUCS .shp (line)
Salmon, Chinook (Lower Columbia River ESU) CKLCR .shp (line)
Salmon, Chinook (Snake River fall-run ESU) CKSRF .shp (line) eCFR §226.205
Salmon, Chinook (Snake River spring/summer-run ESU) CKSRS unavailable
Salmon, Chinook (Upper Willamette River ESU) CKUWR .shp (line) eCFR §226.212
Salmon, Chinook (California Coastal ESU) CKCAC .shp (line) eCFR §226.211
Salmon, Chinook (Sacramento River winter-run ESU) CKSAC .shp (line) eCFR §226.204
.shp (poly)
Salmon, Chinook (Central Valley spring-run ESU) CKCVS .shp (line) eCFR §226.211
                           --- all salmon --- --- .shps (lines & polys) ---
Steelhead (Puget Sound DPS) STPUG .shp (line) eCFR §226.212 REST
Steelhead (Upper Columbia River DPS) STUCR .shp (line)
Steelhead (Middle Columbia River DPS) STMCR .shp (line)
Steelhead (Lower Columbia River DPS) STLCR .shp (line)
Steelhead (Snake River Basin DPS) STSNR .shp (line)
Steelhead (Upper Willamette River DPS) STUWR .shp (line)
Steelhead (Northern California DPS) STNCA .shp (line) eCFR §226.211
Steelhead (Central California Coast DPS) STCCC .shp (line)
Steelhead (California Central Valley DPS) STCCV .shp (line)
Steelhead (South-Central California Coast DPS) STSCC .shp (line)
Steelhead (Southern California DPS) STSCA .shp (line)
                           --- all steelhead --- --- .shps (lines) ---

Contact: Shanna Dunn

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 02/23/2021

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