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Persistent Chlorinated Compounds and Elements in Tissues of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

April 01, 2001

Discussion of all the analytical data generated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on selected samples of blubber, liver, and kidney tissue banked from the Cook Inlet beluga whales.

This report is the fourth National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency Report that has been published on analytical data generated by the Analytical Chemistry Division, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory, of NIST on marine mammal tissue specimens archived in the National Biomonitoring Specimen Bank. Previous IRs in this series have presented analytical data on northern fur seals, ringed seals, and beluga whales (NISTIR 4731, 1992); ringed seals, spotted seals, bearded seals, beluga whales, and bowhead whales (NISTIR 5620, 1995); and pilot whales, harbor porpoises, and white-sided dolphins (NISTIR 6279, 1999). Much of the data contained in this report, as well as the other IRs cited above, have been or soon will be published in scientific journals. However, through the NISTIR series, the complete analytical database and the detailed methodologies used in sample preparations and analyses are made available to the scientific community.


Paul R. Becker, Rebecca S. Pugh, Michele M. Schantz, Elizabeth A. Mackey, Rabia Demiralp, Michael S. Epstein, Mary Kate Donais, Barbara J. Porter, Stephen A. Wise, and Barbara A. Mahoney. Published National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency Report (April 2001). 

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