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Cruise Report Database for the Southeast Fisheries Science Center

August 05, 2019

This database is a collection of the full text cruise reports. Data may be searched by Cruise Number, Date, Title, Area, Scientific Personnel, and Objectives. Reports may be further sorted by Ship Name.

Since 1950, before NOAA existed as a separate entity, and while it was part of the U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, its personnel from the Southeast Region have been involved in research cruises.

Research vessels such as the OREGON, SILVER BAY, GEORGE M. BOWERS, SILVER BAY, GORDON GUNTER, CHAPMAN, UNDAUNTED, GERONIMO, DELAWARE II and currently the OREGON II and the PISCES have been collecting data in the Gulf of Mexico, Western North Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.


Mast of the RV Chapman Cruise 88-02 Leg 2, March 9-22, 1988. Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries/Mark W. Hulsbeck.

Cruise Reports Search

The user can search by Quick Search or Field Search. A list with all the Cruises  satisfying the condition is presented. The user can click on one of the cruises listed to see details.

Quick search 

  • Quick search, look for the typed string in Ship Name, Cruise Title, Area, Principal Investigators and Objectives.

Search By Field Search

  • Search for the records that satisfy the typed condition or combination of conditions.

Order By

  • Present the results ordered either by Ship Name, Title or Ship Name and Number.


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