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Littering Animation

This animation shows how marine debris comes back to shore.
September 26, 2019 -

Littering Cigarette Butts Illustration

This illustration shows how littered cigarette butts impact drinking water.
September 26, 2019 -

Marianas Trench Classroom Posters

A visual journey of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument that captures the key elements of the Monument, along with a depth profile comparison and identification key.
April 21, 2020 -

Marine Debris Education Program Supplement: Marine Debris Coloring Book, 1989

NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-F/AKR-9
February 20, 2011 -

NOAA Enrichment in Marine Sciences and Oceanography Curriculum

Each lesson contains a PowerPoint presentation and a Teacher's Guide PDF file. In some cases, lessons contain other supplementary files that are referred to in the Teacher's Guide. Please note that there is a stand-alone Glossary file containing definitions of bold terms throughout the Teacher's Guides. All PDFs can be read with Adobe Acrobat or Preview (Mac OS). Some of the PowerPoint presentations have embedded video files. Your computer must have QuickTime or Windows Media Player to play these videos. If the videos do not start automatically when clicked in the slide show presentation, try opening the video files directly from the lesson folder
January 31, 2018 -

Orphan Orca: Saving Springer a Northern Resident Killer Whale from the A Pod

In 2002, an orphaned killer whale was discovered in Puget Sound. Follow Springer's amazing rescue in this film and celebrate the 10 year anniversary of her successful reunion and recovery.
September 26, 2019 -
Springer Breaching.jpg

Overview of Internship and Scholarship Opportunities at NOAA Fisheries

NOAA's Office of Education provides scholarships, internships, grants, and teacher professional development to prepare the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds in NOAA-related fields.
October 01, 2019 -

Pacific Salmon Life Cycle Poster

This poster illustrates the Pacific salmon life cycle.
September 26, 2019 -
salmon life cycle cover image

Pacific Salmon Survival Pyramid

The Salmon Survival Pyramid shows the average survival rate of Pacific salmon from egg to spawning adult.
November 12, 2020 -
salmon survival pyramid

Protectores de Salmónidos (en español)

A través de los cómics, los juegos de palabras, y los laberintos, los niños aprenden sobre la importancia de los salmónidos, las amenazas que enfrentan, y lo que los niños pueden hacer para ayudar.
June 01, 2020 -
Protectores de salmonidos  cover image