Northwest Fisheries Science Center Staff Directory

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The NWFSC staff directory is not a complete list of staff at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center but contains only key personnel. Please go to the NOAA Staff Directory,, to search for a specific person not listed here. For division leaders' contact information and facility location information, see the Northwest Fisheries Science Center Key Contacts, at
Phone Number
Maintenance Mechanic
Hatchery Reform Science Program
Wildlife Biologist
Ecosystem Science Program
(206) 860-3220
Research Associate (Associate, University of Washington)
Ecosystem Science Program
Research Fish Biologist
Environmental Physiology Program
(206) 860-3461
Supervisory Research Fish Biologist
Estuarine and Ocean Ecology Program
(206) 860-3486
Research Oceanographer
Environmental Chemistry Program
(206) 860-3387
Stock Assessment Scientist
Population Ecology Program
(808) 725-5603
Research Fisheries Biologist and GIS Analyst (Contractor, AIS)
Fish Ecology Division
(206) 861-1258
Research Fish Biologist
Ecosystem Science Program
(206) 302-2432
Education Coordinator
Scientific Communications Program
(206) 302-2461