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Alaska Catch Weighing and Monitoring Results

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Alaska Recordkeeping and Reporting Forms

Online and fillable forms for Alaska federal fisheries

Monitoring and Reporting in Alaska

A variety of management regimes exist in Alaskan fisheries and each relies on a range of data sources and different suite of monitoring tools that vary due to differences in the designs of the management program, the data needed for management, and the…

Scales Approved for Use At-Sea

Before a Scale Inspection can take place, the model of scale must be included on a list of scales approved for weighing catch at sea. The following types and models of scale have been approved by NMFS.

Catch Weighing and Monitoring in Alaska

As fishery management programs have been developed in Alaska, NOAA Fisheries has established several fishery-specific monitoring programs. When deciding which monitoring tools are appropriate, NOAA fisheries must balance considerations of cost,…

Recordkeeping and Reporting for Federal Fisheries in Alaska

All U.S. vessels harvesting Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) fish and shoreside processors, stationary floating processors, and motherships receiving EEZ fish are required to hold a Federal permit and thus comply with recordkeeping and reporting…

Recordkeeping and Reporting in Alaska - Federal Register Rules and Notices

NOAA Fisheries issues regulations to modify the recordkeeping and reporting requirements for the groundfish fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands management areas. This rule is organized into four actions. Under the first…

Alaska At-Sea Scales Program - Federal Register Rules and Notices

Final Rule NOAA Fisheries issues regulations to revise the at-sea scales program for catcher/processor vessels (C/Ps) and motherships that are required to weigh catch at sea. This action makes three major changes to current regulations. First, this…

Amendment 80 Program - Federal Register Rules and Notices

Final Rule Regulatory amendment to modify the groundfish retention standard program in the BSAI. This final rule removes certain regulatory requirements that mandate minimum levels of groundfish retention by the owners and operators of trawl C/P…