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2022 Northeast Ship-Based Survey Review

Scientific parties, the officers and crew of NOAA ships, and charter vessels log more than 300 days at sea monitoring and sampling from ships on the U.S. Northeast shelf.
December 15, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Collage of 2022 survey photos, fish, scientist, sunrise, ships, and equipment.

Meet Natalie Cosentino-Manning, Marine Habitat Restoration Specialist in the NOAA Restoration Center

Natalie grew up exploring California and knew at an early age that she wanted a career in natural resources. She got her education there too, and now she’s restoring the habitats that inspired her.
October 05, 2021 - Feature Story ,
A woman scientist in flight gear in front of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. Natalie in her flight gear ready to head out to the remote Farallon Islands to conduct research. Credit: Natalie Cosentino-Manning