Climate Ready Conservation

Through climate ready conservation, we are taking action to prepare for and respond to impacts of changing climate and oceans on fisheries, protected species, and the many people, businesses and communities that depend on them. Climate ready conservation means enhancing resilience of ecosystems and species to climate-related changes using the best available science to make more informed management decisions.

Climate Ready Habitat—Ecosystem Resilience Grants

We invest in the tools and resources communities and businesses need to address the impacts of extreme weather and climate-related hazards, as well as to restore coastal habitats to enhance the resilience of coastal communities that rely on them. NOAA’s Coastal Resilience Grants Program aims to strengthen our economy and provide sustainable and lasting benefits.

Learn more about NOAA’s Coastal Resilience Grants Program

Climate Ready Fisheries—Fishery Ecosystem Plans

Regional fishery management councils develop fishery ecosystem plans to:

  • Provide a clear description and understanding of the fundamental physical, biological, and human/institutional context of ecosystems within which fisheries are managed.

  • Direct how that information should be used in the context of fishery management plans.

  • Set policies that guide development and implementation of fishery management options.

Fishery managers can use fishery ecosystem plans as a metric to help determine whether management effectively incorporates core ecosystem principles. Currently, the following four regional fishery management councils have developed fishery ecosystem plans:

Climate Ready Protected Species

We have been increasing efforts to understand the effect of changing climate and oceans on marine life and to strengthen our capacity to address these effects on the resources for which we are responsible. We have also been working to develop standard approaches for incorporating climate-related information into agency decisions.

Our efforts address two main objectives: