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Query results with no pounds or dollars shown indicate that landings are present in our database for the selected species but are confidential and have been grouped into "WITHHELD FOR CONFIDENTIALITY" with other confidential landings in each state.

** - These names represent aggregations of more than one species. They are not inclusive, but rather represent landings where we do not have species-specific data. Selecting "Flatfish**", for example, will not return all flatfish but only those where we do not have more specific information.

  • The data presented here may not match the data in published versions of Fisheries of the United States (FUS) or in other online landings queries for the following reasons:
    • The data presented here may have been updated more recently than those in Fisheries of the United States.
    • The data are non-confidential and may not reflect true totals at the species level, as confidential data within a state have been aggregated under "WITHHELD FOR CONFIDENTIALITY." State totals include the aggregated confidential data and are correct except for states in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Some species are reported by data providers in meat weight vs. live weight. Please see the partner provided metadata for these details.