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Monthly Commercial Landing Statistics

To summarize landings for an individual species use (click on) the

to look up and enter the name in the SPECIES field. We recommend you look up and use the NOAA Fisheries common names because the query depends on matching the name in the SPECIES field with the species name in a master coding table. If there isn't an exact match the executed query will say that there were "no matching records." To summarize landings of all species, enter the phrase ALL SPECIES COMBINED or ALL SPECIES INDIVIDUALLY; the first option gives you total combined landings while the second option indicates total landings for each individual species.


Calico Scallop

Calico Scallop (Argopecten gibbus)
Photo credit: The Georgia Shell Club at


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Choose the year(s) to begin and end your data summary. If you want data for a single year, select that year (e.g., 1992) in both the "From" and "To" boxes. A word of caution, landings for the most recent year are preliminary and sometimes highly incomplete.

Select the default "Year By Month" option from the TIME FRAME to get landings for each of the 12 months during each year. You can get total annual landings by selecting the "Annual" option or get landings for any single month by year by selecting the desired month from the menu choices.


Areas are arranged in geographical order by subregion. For example, the option "New England By State" will give you the landings for each of the five states listed after the option (Maine to Connecticut). The "New England" option will give you the total combined landings of the five states. The NOAA Fisheries "Chesapeake" Region includes bay and oceanic landings for Maryland and Virginia. Florida is divided into three areas (East coast, West coast, and inland waters) in our surveys. Florida east coast and inland water landings are summarized with South Atlantic states and Florida west coast landings are summarized when Gulf landings are requested. The only way to get total Florida landings (west+east+inland waters) is to select the "Florida, State Total" option. Commercial landings for Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Alaska are listed under the Pacific region.

The summarized data can be viewed in a table format by choosing the "Table" option from the OUTPUT FORM; this tabular data with subtotals can be printed by choosing the FILE PRINT option from the top menu bar. Choose the "ASCII FILE" option if you want to create a file of these data without the subtotals; the data file will not be output to your monitor.



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